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Capturing light, feelings & moments, and everything between people and life.

Hey there! When it comes to catching all that love magic, I'm not into stiff, boring poses we've all seen a lot. Nope, that's not me. I like taking pics of real moments that make your heart happy. You know what I mean, like when you first see your partner at the end of the aisle—that's super special. And when your dad gets teary giving you away to your soon-to-be hubby? Yep, I'm all about capturing those feelings.

I gotta tell you, these moments are like treasure. Every small thing, every feeling—it's all worth celebrating and remembering. That's what I do best. I change your love story into awesome art. Imagine it like this: I put all that beauty, the cool place you're in, and the awesome people around you into pictures. So, when you look at them later, it's like you're right back in those moments. You'll feel those feelings all over again. Believe me, it's like living it all once more, and it's really cool.

Your special day, your love, your feelings—they all need a big party. Let's make your memories into art that makes your heart happy whenever you look at it. Ready to start this adventure together? Let's go!

If my philosophy resonates with you, don't wait, inquire today!

"Paulina, we can't thank you enough. You captured and made exactly what we wanted to happen! The pictures are so perfect."

Kaitlin W.

Philadelphia couple & intimate wedding photographer
Hi, I'm Paulina

Pennsylvania elopement & intimate wedding photographer

Hey there! I absolutely adore photographing couples, and let me tell you why. It's because I'm head over heels in love with capturing that incredible energy and connection between two people. There's nothing quite like that pinch of intimacy that shines through in the photos.

My main goal is to freeze those genuine feelings of love and joy so you can cherish them forever. No stiff poses or awkward moments - just relaxed and laid-back photography, capturing every beautiful detail without you even noticing.

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Without a doubt, we would recommend her to anyone who wants to capture the emotions of a unique day or moment and put those forever-lasting memories on paper. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer.

Lisa & Dinush

“The moment we accessed Jane's website, we were instantly drawn to her work. Jane is like sunshine; she comes into your life and brings so much light, joy, and energy.“

Lisa & Dinush

Paulina was an absolute pleasure to work with start to finish! She has such a good eye for candid moments and brings a very unique and creative style to every image. Paulina knows how to make you feel comfortable and made the photo session feel super relaxed and fun.

Elizabeth & Michael
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