Tanya & Chad

A few months ago I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful couple Tanya & Chad. They flew to London from the USA to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. It was their first trip overseas and trust me, I was just as excited as they were!

What photos did they care about? On those that will be a beautiful document of their journey and will be a wonderful souvenir that they can hang on the wall in their home. 

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Tanya and Chad started getting together in high school and as they call themselves, they're typical school sweethearts. And believe me, they are so wonderfully warm and laughing, that the time for the photo session passed us very quickly.

Tanya is interested in the story of the unfortunately tragically deceased Princess Diana and she wanted one location from the photo session to be in the garden commemorating the Princess. Unfortunately, the garden turned out to be a bit too poor, and instead, we chose the beautiful Rose Garden of Queen Mary. Both Chad and I were delighted with the location which contributed to the creation of these beautiful photos.

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Clients Love

Paulina is flexible and passionate about her work as a photographer. That alone would make me choose her again. She was a wonderful person to be around and easy to chat with and funny. I’m so glad I found Paulina on a web search and she did our 25th Wedding Anniversary photos. I can’t wait to put a few wall hangers on the wall. We wish you well Paulina!! Cheers 🥂 📸 🌹

Tanya & Chad

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