This is about you, this is about telling your story.

I've never been interested in the stiff and stale posing approach that we're all too familiar with. My philosophy is about documenting the real, raw, and authentic love — like when you first see him waiting for you at the end of the aisle when your dad gets choked up giving his reception speech when your new spouse grabs your hand under the table when no one's looking. My photos are meant to freeze time for just a moment, allowing you to truly remember what it felt like to be there.

I'm not here to create pixel-perfect images, we're here to capture the authentic moments where you feel most loved.

Let's tell your story, together.

I want to give you a glimpse into what it's like to work together and the magnetic magic I bring to every client experience.

My philosophy revolves around soulful nostalgia and capturing the essence of modern romance. I prioritize candid, heartfelt moments over stiff poses because genuine interactions hold the most magic and evoke deep emotions. With my fluid direction, your true essence shines through every frame.

On the day of the shoot, expect a relaxed and enjoyable experience. I create a comfortable environment, allowing me to capture genuine moments that make your story special. I'll guide and direct you, ensuring we capture soulful, romantic, and intentional images that fill your heart with joy.

After the shoot/wedding, I select and edit the best images, adding my signature touch. The end result is a collection of stunning photographs that encapsulate the emotions and memories of your special moments.

If you resonate with words like soulful, nostalgic, artistic, candid, intentional, and romantic, then we're meant to work together.

Reach out to me, and let's create something truly magical.

"We are so happy we came across Paulina! She completely understood what we were looking for, and made the whole experience completely relaxed and fun which was super important as my husband isn't too keen on posing. Paulina let us be very flexible with the photos and not only did she create the most incredible photos (better than our actual wedding day ones!) But she's one of the loveliest humans. I would 1000% recommend Paulina if you are looking for a great photographer, you won't be disappointed."

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